Ultra-fast construction - the house completed in 24 days.


The only Estonian company, which builds their houses on the foundation already in the factory!

Our competitive advantage is the unique patented construction technology, about which you can read more on the page "Akso-Haus modular construction technology"

About our Company

Akso-Haus OÜ is a business registered in Estonia in 2004. Our technology is protected by utility models in the three Baltic States, Finland and Germany.

The business concept of Akso-Haus OÜ is to produce structures in Estonia based on unique and monopolistic technology and to sell the output in the Scandinavian market. In the period 2009-2013, we have manufactured and installed more than 350 houses for the Scandinavian market.

Akso-Haus OÜ is known in the Scandinavian market for its high-quality work and precise delivery times. We work and enhance new technological methodology on a daily basis to prepare and transport buildings consisting of the various modules on concrete foundations: private houses, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, cafes, restaurants, auto service areas, apartment buildings, etc.

  • Akso-Haus OÜ was established in 16.04.2004
  • The company's share capital: 1.000.000 EUR
  • Company address: Haapsalu mnt 7c, Vasalemma, Harju County
  • Company registration number: 11026928

The company is owned by several different companies based on Estonian capital. 

Strategy (Short summary)

The technology holder subcontracts part of the construction and installation work. In the construction of each, the labor cost has been firmly fixed by an agreement concluded with the subcontractor in advance, and it cannot change in case of a modular building. This also applies to the material, which guarantees a constant and fixed construction cost for the final consumer.

The main interest of the general contractor is that the client end user would receive a very good quality product on the agreed date. All stages of construction are carried out in the internal premises of the Akso Haus plant, under the supervision of well-organized and qualified professionals, with the optimal use of time and money.

Designers, engineers, and builders work together in the same space, which ensures the most effective communication and flexible construction process, as each house is unique. This ensures optimum quality and time management, and maximum compliance with safety and construction requirements.

The process of transporting of raw materials, equipment and tools to the plant is most centralized. Due to this, there is no need to transport raw materials, tools and equipment for each individual construction site.

During construction, the materials, tools, and resources are all comfortably available on the site and upon completion of the house, the construction site does not need to be cleaned up and the communications networks removed. The construction site also does not need to be guarded.


In 2013, in collaboration with a strong Estonian architectural company Architect11, we developed a design house Passion SMART DESIGN HOUSE. The building won the Estonian Woodhouse Association Award - BEST ESTONIAN FACTORY HOUSE 2013..

Moreover, Passion SMART DESIGN HOUSE, won prizes in 5 categories

  • The best architecture 2013
  • The best wooden house 2013
  • The best design 2013
  • The best structure 2013
  • The best innovation 2013

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